(i) Working of Mining Officer/Asstt. Mining Engineer is to check up the Mining Area in which whether the working in various mines are being done as per rule & regulation which are mentioned in Punjab Minor Mineral Concession Rules 1964 etc and in Agreement Deed Executed by the contractor with the Govt. of Haryana.
(ii) Inspection: The mines area which are lying vacant and prohibited under Aravali Plantation and Prohibited by other Authority for mining operation. If any person or vehicle found indulged in illegal mining the FIR’s are lodged in concerned police station or Recovered the Royalty & Price of Mineral under 21(5) of Mines Act. 1952.
(iii) Road checking is also conducted by this department. In any vehicle found without weighment slip then the Royalty & Price of Mineral arc collected from that vehicle by impounding the same.
Major Occupation
The major source of occupation here in Bhiwani District is mainly Agriculture. Apart from agriculture some other medium-scale and small-scale industries are providing employment to the people of the district. BTM,TITS,CHINAR, S.K FOILS are few medium-scale industries situated in Bhiwani. Most of the land here is used for cultivation. So in villages the main source of income is Agriculture.
The youth here always ready join Armed Forces, as result of this Bhiwani is also known as Land Of War Heroes. There are also Administrative jobs in the District which include jobs in Govt.depatments and Semi-Govt.departments.
Industrial Scenario
1. A Industrial Profile
District Bhiwani is situated in the South West of Haryana, in its East lies District Rohtak, Hisar in North, Rewari in South and Churu District of Rajasthan falls in West. This district came into existence on 22-12-1972. Its climate is dry and area is desert like due to the fact that it falls on the border of Rajasthan but is on the path of progress as district is very near to the National Capital connected by all modes of transport.
2. Administrative set up of the district.
Sub- Divisions: Bhiwani, Ch. Dadri, Loharu, Tosham, Siwani.
Tehsils: Bhiwani, Ch. Dadri, Loharu, Tosham, Siwani, Badhra, Bawani Khera.
Sub Tehsils: Bound Kalan, Behal.
Blocks: Bhiwani, Ch. Dadri (I), Ch. Dadri(II), Loharu, Bawani Khera, Badhra, Tosham, Siwani, Kairu, Behal.
3. The main industries of this district are as under:-
1. Textile cloth
2. P.V. Blended Fabrics/Yarn.
3. Guar Gum.
4. Plastic granuals/ yarns/ cloth/ Tape/ Niwar etc.
5. Stone Crusher.
6. C.R/M.S. Strips.
7. Wire drawing.
8. Hospital Furniture.
9. PVC Pipe.
10. Agricultural implements.
11. Wooden/Steel furniture.
12. Oil & Oil Cake.
13. Misc. Repairing and Servicing Units etc.