Major Occupations
The major source of occupation here in Bhiwani District is mainly Agriculture. Apart from agriculture some other medium-scale and small-scale industries are providing employment to the people of the district. BTM,TITS,CHINAR, S.K FOILS are few medium-scale industries situated in Bhiwani. Most of the land here is used for cultivation. So in villages the main source of income is Agriculture.
The youth here always ready join Armed Forces, as result of this Bhiwani is also known as Land Of War Heroes. There are also Administrative jobs in the District which include jobs in Govt.depatments and Semi-Govt.departments.
Industrial Scenario
1. A Industrial Profile
District Bhiwani is situated in the South West of Haryana, in its East lies District Rohtak, Hisar in North, Rewari in South and Churu District of Rajasthan falls in West. This district came into existence on 22-12-1972. Its climate is dry and area is desert like due to the fact that it falls on the border of Rajasthan but is on the path of progress as district is very near to the National Capital connected by all modes of transport. The number of Small scale units were 70 at the time of inception but increased 2250 at present.
2. Administrative set up of the district.
Sub- Divisions: Bhiwani, Ch. Dadri, Loharu, Tosham, Siwani.
Tehsils: Bhiwani, Ch. Dadri, Loharu, Tosham, Siwani, Badhra, Bawani Khera.
Sub Tehsils: Bound Kalan, Behal.
Blocks: Bhiwani, Ch. Dadri (I), Ch. Dadri(II), Loharu, Bawani Khera, Badhra, Tosham, Siwani, Kairu, Behal.
3. The main industries of this district are as under:-
1. Textile cloth
2. P.V. Blended Fabrics/Yarn.
3. Guar Gum.
4. Plastic granuals/ yarns/ cloth/ Tape/ Niwar etc.
5. Stone Crusher.
6. C.R/M.S. Strips.
7. Wire drawing.
8. Hospital Furniture.
9. PVC Pipe.
10. Agricultural implements.
11. Wooden/Steel furniture.
12. Oil & Oil Cake.
13. Misc. Repairing and Servicing Units etc.
4. Position of Industrial Area.
HUDA Sectors 21 & 26 No. of Plots
Total plots Sector 21- 134
Sector 26 220
One more Industrial Sector is under consideration for development by HSIDC/HUDA.
5. Small Scale Industries
No. of Units 2250
Investment 438 Crores
Employment 7460
Production Rs. 280 Crores (Approx)
Items being mfd. Monofilament Yarn, Niwar, Cloth, Tape, P.P Mutifilament Yarn and its tape, wore drawing, PVC Pipe, Stone Crusher, Oil & Oil Cake, Guar Gum, Agriculture Implements, Hospital equipments.
Description No. of Units Investment Employment (in crores)
1. Plastic 151 Rs. 63 2520 (Monafilament / PP Multifilment)
2. Stone Crusher 170 Rs. 82 1700
3. Agro-based Inds./Agril. Impls. 240 Rs. 4 500
4. Wire Drawing 20 Rs. 3 800
5. PVC/RCC Pipes 10 Rs. 8 210
6. Misc. i.e. shoes / Chmicales/Guar Gum / pesticide, Oil & cake/Furniture etc 1659 Rs. 140 5251
Sr. No. Name of the unit Since Item
1. M/s Technological Institute of Textile & Sciences Bhiwani 1943 Staple Yarn etc.
2. M/s Bhiwani Textile Mills Bhiwani 1954 P.V. Blended Fabrics
3. M/s Hindustan Gum & Chemical Ltd. Bhiwani 1962 Guargum & its Splits
4. M/s Elegant Spinner Bhiwani 1996 P.V. Blended Fabrics
5. M/s Summo Fibre- Ind. Area Bhiwani 2007 C R Strips
Total exporting units 6
Export value Rs. 130 Crore
Items being exported (1) Refined guargum splits
(2) PV Blended fabrics/Yarn
(3) Galavanised steel strips.
Main countries USA, China, Japan, Dubai, Switzerland.
Bangladesh, Iran, U.K., Kenya, Jordon,
Canada, Tehran, Singapore, Lebanon, Russia
Brasil, Germany, France etc.
Refined guargum Rs. 97 Crore
PV Blended fabrics/Yarn
Rs. 31 Crore
Galavanised steel strips Rs. 2 crore
Total Rs. 130 Crore
List of Exporting Units In Bhiwani.
Name of the Units
M/s Bhiwani Textile Mills Bhiwani L&M
M/s Elegant Spinners, Bhiwani -do-


M/s Hindustan Gum & Chemicals Ltd. -do- Bhiwani.


M/s Jai Bharat Gum & Chemicals Ltd. SSI Siwani Mandi (UnitsI)

M/s Jai Bharat Gum & Chemicals Ltd. - do-Siwani Mandi (Units II)
M/s Chinque India Pvt. Ltd. -do- Siwani Mandi
8. Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme
The captioned scheme has been introduced during the year 2008-2009 through Distt. Industries Centre alongwith KVIC and KVIB Board. The target for the year 2008-2009 is 23 cases and margin money is to be provided for amounting to Rs. 27.60 Lakhs. This office has sponsored 13 cases to various banks in which Rs. 134.50 Lakhs amount recommended and margin money proposed is Rs. 34.37 Lakhs
9. District Level Clearance Committee
To monitor pendency of other Departments and to clear NOC/Consent cases, Distt. Level Clearance Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner in which General Manager has been designated the member secretary. The DLCC meetings are being convened every month in which cases of consent/NOC from Pollution Control Board, DTP, Power Connection, approval from Labour Department and Sales Tax cases etc are cleared. Ten meetings have been held up to 28-01-2009 in which 113 cases have been cleared.
10. Other activities of Distt. Industries Centres.
1. To organize Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) in coordination with MSME Govt. of India to provide practical training and motivate unemployed youths to set up their Industrial units/business.
2. To implement 20-Point Programme for providing employment/financial assistance to SCs/STs youths.
3. To conduct survey and Census of Industrial units.
4. To enroll/register Micro/Small/Medium units SSI units for creating statistics of the industrial units & NOC as per requirement of other Deptt.
5. To register societies and firms under Indian Partnership Act. 1932, Societies Registration Act. 1860 and Nehur Yuva Club registration.
6. To participate in IITF and other fairs for product promotion of industrial units.
7. To recover old outstanding amount of loans.
8. To disseminate different schemes, Industrial Policy of State and Government of India.
9. To extend help to District Administration for various activities such as Small Savings, Plantation, Family Planning and Sports Activities etc.