District Revenue Officer
Vernacular Record Room Judicial Record
Copying Branch Supply of Copies of record.
District Revenue Branch Recovery of dues of various kinds.
Disposal of Nazul lands.
Sadar Kanungo Branch Maintenance of revenue records.
Registration Branch Control over Sub Registrars.
Agrarian Branch Allotment of surplus land
Flood Relief Branch Work regarding flood control-
Relief measures.
Loans Branch LIGH/MIGH loans.
Rehabilitation Branch Disposal of Reh. lands.
District Development and Panchayat Officer
Panchayat Branch All works relating to panchayats.
Control over BDPOs.
Development Branch Discretionary grants of Ministers,MLAs
for development works in villages.
City Magistrate
Branches Work
Establishment Branch Posting's & Transfers
Miscellaneous Branch Law & Order, Cinematograph,
Visits of VIPs etc.
Licensing & Passport Branch Licensing of Arms, Explosives & Passports
Complaint & Enquiry Branch Public grievances
Nazarat Branch Disbursement of Salary, Contingency expenses &
Arrangements for meetings.
Record Keeper English Diary, Despatch & Library.
Census Branch Census Work
Small Savings Promotion of small savings.
Establishment Branch
This branch mainly deals in posting and transfers of the staff of D.C.'s Office.It maintains service record of Officials and prepares bills for salary/increments/TA/Medical allowances.It also deals with disciplinary cases against employees.
Misc. Branch
This branch deals with Law and Order, visits of VIPs cases under Cinematograph character antecedents of newly entrant in service,training of officers and misc; matters .
Licensing and Passport Branch
This branch deals with grant of arms licenses in distt. and other matters relating to verification of passports.
Complaint and Enquiry Branch
This branch deals with the complaints and redressal of public grievances.
Nazarat Branch
This branch deals with disbursement of salary to staff and making other payments on account of contingency expenditures & arrangements of meetings of DC & Minister.
Record Keeper
Diary and dispatch work. Maintenance of Library.
Census Branch
Work relating to Census work 2001.
Small Savings
This work deals with appointment of Small savings agents and work for promotion of Small Savings.
Vernacular Record Branch
The Judicial and revenue record of cases decided by revenue/Judicial Courts is maintained by Asstt. of this branch who is incharge of Record Room. Record of about 200 years is lying safe in the record room.
Copying Agency
This branch supplies certified copies of Judgements and other documents to the public on demand.
Head Registration Branch
This branch exercises control over sub registrars.
Agrarian Branch
This branch deals with the allotment of surplus land of the landlords under the Haryana Ceiling on Land Holdings Act.
Floods Branch
This branch deals with the work and measures relating to prevention of floods & also natural calamities like earth quakes & droughts and its relief measures. Flood control order is issued every year by the Dy.Commissioner, Bhiwani.
Rehabilitation Branch
This branch maintains record of rehabilitation (custodian lands) and its disposal.
Loans Branch
This branch deals with grant of housing loans under LIGH and MIGH scheme.
Development Branch
This branch deals with release of discretionary grants and control over BDPOs.
Panchayat Branch
This Branch deals with the control over BDPOs and working of Panchayats in the distt.